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Message from CEO

As a veteran of the travel industry, with decades of relevant experience, including roles as the Regional Director for Asia-Pacific tourism development for Queensland; Regional Marketing Director for risk management and destination promotion for the Philippine Department of Tourism; an IATA accredited travel agent; and an online travel service provider, I can attest to the new digital era the travel industry is entering.

New Momentum helps customers evolve their travel businesses to better capitalize on this global digital and mobile movement by building new and exciting enterprises aided by innovative technology.

The group develops new digital platforms that help to make travelling more enjoyable, more seamless, and more cost-effective. For example, with Gagfare, travellers can “Book Now, Pay Later”, to secure probably the best fares and reserve flights well ahead of time.

New Momentum is also the driving force behind a bold new hospitality concept that takes nature lovers and intrepid travellers to exciting new and established destinations. Our curated collection of boutique properties, each with a focus on diving, sustainability, conservation, and cultural authenticity, offers a thoroughly contemporary travel experience that is intrinsically linked to the destination, its heritage, and its culture.

David Leung, CEO